Bimaa with a twirl

After dithering for months, nay years, about starting a sewing blog, here I am, writing my very first post. There’s no special reason for choosing this topic to write about except that it’s something I sewed up this week.


Bimaa sweater hack and I’m chuffed with how it turned out. More importantly, so is my daughter V, whose wish to wear a dress every day isn’t always granted, especially in winter. This is a great dress for autumn, especially layered with stockings and a sleeveless jacket.

It’s the Bimaa with a cowl variation and I cut it a little short and then added a circle skirt using this tutorial. V is 3 and petite to average size but I sewed this up in a size 4 because this is a fairly snug pattern and I was worried my fabric (a Lisette cotton interlock I found at Spotlight) wasn’t stretchy enough to get over her head. Those worries were confirmed but once it’s on, it fits perfectly.



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