Cosy raglan jumper

I took the plunge last week and sewed Miss V up an Oliver + S raglan tshirt in Size 4 (she’s a 2-3 normally) in some hoarded fabric and sewed the pattern with no modification. Now I kinda wish I’d added a bit of extra length and made it into a dress/tunic type thing but oh well. I’ve probably got enough left to make something small but to be honest, it was such a pain to sew with because the batting in between the layers kept poking out and made finishing the seams very messy.

It’s also really hard to get over her head, because it’s only really 2-way stretch.

IMG_5025Ignore the slightly wavy bottom hem. IMG_5034No bribery needed except the joy of seeing her own picture after it’s been taken. IMG_5050It’s not as puffy as it looks in this photo. Kids have the best hair.


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