Boy Bimaa

I’m on a Bimaa roll. Partly because I’m trying to sew more with knits and partly because winter is almost upon us, breathing cold air down my neck. We’ve all just recovered from a few weeks of sniffles and coughs so I’m determined to rug everyone up and make sure this never happens again.

I found some really cute faux-woollen-looking fabric at Spotlight a few weeks ago that made me wish I lived in the Northern Hemisphere so this could be worn at Christmas time.


I’m pretty pleased with my pattern matching but not so happy with the finishing of the seams inside, using my ol’ faithful zig zag stitch for want of an overlocker. Hopefully no-one ever commits the faux pas of looking inside the jumper to check out the seams because they shriek home-made job.

Mr F seems happy with it and it fit over his head easily which is always a win. I would love to see him roasting chestnuts on an open fire wearing this, but that would be really dangerous.

IMG_5167The shawl neck is a winner. IMG_5182Look at those chubby little cheeks.IMG_5253

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